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“For almost a month now I have had Kaspersky Internet Security installed on my computer and it can certainly stay there.” - Geoff Quattromani

“Performance of your computer when you have any internet security can be effected and Kaspersky has worked to improve this, coming from Norton Internet Security I can tell you that my computer is definitely more capable since KIS 2014 was installed” - Geoff Quattromani

“I would just like to congratulate your company on providing a well thought out installation system and virus programme. It was a pleasure to deal with your company Plus I had read a number of reviews of the Kaspersky product and found out there were Australian contact telephone numbers if problems were encountered.” - Richard

“It occurs to me that the sales team people such as yourself and Jasmine are so people oriented, lovely and want to do more for the customer than just taking their money off them. Thanks.” - Peter

“Thank you and your wonderful company for such terrific service.” - Ian

“Thank you for excellent customer service.” - Gordeana

“Thank you ! Really appreciate your quick response and help. That's what I call excellent customer service !!!!!!” - Ottorino

“I am blown away with the great customer service!” - Sue

“Just wanted to say how happy I've been with your service and security products over the past few years. Absolutely outstanding!” - Josh

“Mellissa guided me through and took control of my computer to assist in properly installing my newly purchased Kaspersky Internet security and ensured that my Internet Explorer is working back to normal.” - Max

“Mellissa successfully managed to handle the situation in a professional, well-informed and patient manner, and was able to well defend the reputation of the Kaspersky brand, and make sure a happy customer is a good marketing tool for the product.” - Magdy

“Great service - and the reason why I will be recommending your product to others. Great work!” - Brendon

“Justin spent at least three hours trying everything he knew to sort out what was essentially a Windows problem with version 14. All of that time, he was patient, tenacious, determined and most importantly, pleasant. I would have been tearing my hair out! He is a great brand ambassador!” - John

“Kevin is very helpful, he answered all my questions and helped me to the fullest, his attention to detail was as I say "off the hook"! It is people like Kevin who makes your company worth it to be a customer I give him a gold star” - Thomas

“I think you must be trying to set a record for the fastest turn-around in order history! Wow! 59 minutes from when I sent the order to you to when it was completed and back in my in box is amazing! If there is a category for speedy customer service in the Guinness Book of Records I think this calls for a nomination! The service that Hemisphere provides is excellent (and that includes the advice and support from Bob Parker, the bulletins from the marketing people and the overall expertise) but you really stand out. Thanks a lot.” - Nancye